Engagement Models

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Company Methodology

After understanding the client’s industry and requirements, we use agile methodology or waterfall methodology. Whether the goal is to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) in changing market dynamics or deliver a project within a fixed budget and time, we succeed at both. With more than a decade of experience in the IT sector, we have refined our processes to deliver quality solutions.

APDIMA Engagement Model

Delivering the product in fixed budget and time, we at eTOS succeed in doing both. Our experience of over a decade allows us to refine customer processes and helps us to deliver state-of-art travel software solutions. We follow the APDIMA engagement model which helps us and our customers in this changing market for a better solution in desired time.
APDIMA is an open and flexible methodology working on the premise of multiple customer interaction. It enables continuous interface with the customers from conceptual analysis to planning, solution designing, implementation, post implementation management and regular audits of investment protection and ROI.

APDIMA builds a robust sense of personal attention and thus adds value to the company’s services.
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