Customization Services

Customizations and Localizations are part of our Implementation!!!
Our team at eTOS not only will analyze your request but also will offer a solution which you can rely upon!

No Solution is Perfect...

At Puratech our eTOS suit of products are business critical and implemented with an intention to perform accurate business processes which our clients need. We understand that meeting customer requirements is the key to any implemented travel tech platform.

We believe customization and localisation not only improves performance but also provides our customers to adapt better business processes to improve their operational yield.
eTOS is delivered in a standard platform and interfaces to all our clients and our process to build the GAP report along with our clients make our product better to adapt to their particular business environment.

Each of Our eTOS Client May Need

  • Localised changes which can be statutory or process oriented
  • User interface to be enhanced
  • Overall improvements in the product
  • Adding critical workflows and approval matrix
  • Document format changes
  • Report to suit their business needs
  • Fully customized product
Are you ready to work with us?
Realize your vision by harnessing the eTOS Travel Technology team’s unparalleled domain expertise and innovative solutions. Transcend the traditional boundaries of travel technology with our team.

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