Online travel solution
Online travel solution Competitors in the ever-changing Online World,
through a Strong Web Presence with our Online Travel Solution.
The experience you deliver to your end users- right from travel planning to booking to review and feedback management is what keeps your end users keep coming back.
Booking Engines
Are you an OTA?
Make it simple for your online users!
  • Facilitates search, providing maximum results
  • Offers a content-rich database
  • Provides users an easy-to-use reservation system
  • Incorporates various payment methods
  • Dispenses invoices, vouchers, and tickets
Our products are easy to install, implement, access, and deploy - so that you can scale your business.
How the OTA Back Office Works
It helps book flight tickets or products from third party suppliers, manage customers profiles, fully automate sales processes, automate marketing efforts, manage accounts and gain full insight into the travel business.
An Online Travel Agency consists of three basic building blocks. The front end side is a website or app where travelers come to make a booking. The back end side is the booking engine, the heart of an OTA. And the provider side is the connection to GDSs, CRSs, wholesalers, and so on.
Here are the main back office systems and their functions:  
Included features List

Point Of Sale

Regardless of the Mid office system which we provide we have variety of point of sales to select from in our eTOS OTA platform. Select your best POS.
  • Agent Commission Setup & Markup Setup
  • Agents Credits, Real Time Booking Information & Payment History with Current Outstanding, Ability for Agents to Payby Credit Card.
  • Print Vouchers & Proforma Invoice.
  • Reservation Management for Flights, Hotels, Transfers,Packages & Activities
  • Flight + Hotel + Transfer + Activity
  • Flight + Hotel
  • Hotel + Transfer + Activity
  • Markup Management & Customer Portal
  • Reservation Management for Flights, Hotels, Transfers,
  • Packages & Activities
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Destination or Product Web Portal
  • Responsive & SEO Friendly Website
  • Social Media Links, Blogs & Google Analytics
  • Distribution Platform via Soap XML services(Hotels, Transport, Attractions, Excursions & Restaurants)
  • Static Data in Excel Format
  • Test Server Implementation & Support
  • Setting up of Agent Credentials & Markups
  • Implementation Stages & Technical Support Management
  • Live Server Setup & Management

3rd Party Integrations

Our experts develop a strategy that will lead you to success!

XML API Integration

  • Flights (GDS, Low Cost, Consolidator)
  • Hotel (Contracted + XML Feed)
  • Transfer (Contracted + XML Feed)
  • Activity (Contracted + XML Feed)
  • Car Rental
  • Payment Gateway Integration

3rd Party Addons

  • Post Social Sharing
  • Live Chat
  • Mail Chimp
  • Trip Advisor Reviews
  • Google Maps

Partner Integrations

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Transfer & Activities
  • Payment Gateways
  • Car Rental



Transfer & Activities

Payment Gateways

Car Rental


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