fleet maintenance & trip management solution
Monitor, Measure & Optimize Your Maintenance Operations
Flamingo is a fleet maintenance & trip management software solution with a sharp focus to manage fleet & trips on a day to day basis thus speeding up operations, planning & processes.
Flamingo controls your whole fleet on a single platform web based solution with Multi-currency feature. Get more operations, planning & processes done in less time.
Simplified fleet maintenance
Drive better fleet maintenance & management with flamingo
  • Keep all the vehicles records at one place
  • In-depth reports & analysis
  • Scheduling maintenance & renewals
  • Set alerts for required service by each vehicle wrt date or Kms run
  • Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and piles of paperwork
  • Monitor your vehicle & its expenses from its purchase date, until it is sold or scrapped
Our products are easy to install, implement, access, and deploy - so that you can scale your business.
Key Features

With flamingo, you can…

  • Organize your fleet assets & track all of the data that you need, to effectively manage your fleet, including the year, make, model, serial number, and all of the information that is critical to your business
  • Don’t miss the deadline to renew the Vehicle’s Insurance by setting up timely alerts
  • Effectively manage all your Drivers data from a single platform
  • Get Insight into the Drivers’ productivity and their daily operations
  • Create FIT/GIT/SIC itineraries with the pickup/drop against their respective date and time
  • Add FIT/GIT/SIC bookings of client as well as Agents
  • Assign Drivers to respective trips
  • Connect back to back trips or transfers looking at the drop off point of each Driver/Vehicle for a respective date range and time
  • Vehicle/Driver scheduler console - to know the availability of the vehicle/driver
  • Schedule periodic Check, Top-up and Replace actions to ensure on time maintenance of the Parts
  • Generate PO against multiple fuel stations for trips when required
  • Save a fortune by optimizing Fuel costs of whole fleet
  • Generate PO for Parts/Tyre/Fuel
  • Booking multiple Invoices against single PO for Parts/Tyre/Fuel
  • Role based and 100% web based and secured solution
  • Multi-Branch and Multi-Currency
  • Over 100+ Functional Features and 40+ Business, Analytical, Operational and Financial Reports

    Modules Include

  • Vehicle Setup
  • Driver Setup
  • Trip Scheduler
  • Purchase Management (OPT)
  • Parts Management (OPT)
  • Fuel Management
  • Tyre Management (OPT)
  • Workshop Management (OPT)
  • Other Modules

Vehicle Setup

Vehicle’s critical information including Insurance renewal
  • Fleet Setup
  • Track of vehicleʼs expenses: Fixed Cost & Variable Cost
  • Track each vehicleʼs engine life
  • Records of warranty and insurance with Renewals

Driver Setup

Driver details including Professional & Language Skills, Allocation of vehicle to the driver
  • Create Owned Drivers and Contracted Drivers
  • Add the language & professional skills of each driver
  • Upgrade Driverʼs grade to higher level
  • Tag / Un-tag Driver to a vehicle
  • Track driving history for your entire fleet
  • Track the Driver license renewal
  • Track Driver trips or transfers
  • Provide daily tasks/trips/job assignments to Drivers by Duty Slip
  • Driverʼs Leave management with Approval
  • Generate Day-wise driverʼs attendance register

Trip Schedule

FIT/GIT/SIC Itineraries (Direct / Agent) with its respective pickup & drop-off location & time, Assignment of Driver/Vehicle to the trip, Driver’s Duty Slip for his daily routine
  • Create Trip itineraries
  • Manage Agents and Customer Trips
  • Booking calendar to track each dayʼs arrivals & departures
  • Manage Clients preferred driver.
  • Assign Drivers to respective trips
  • Connect back to back trips or transfers
  • Plan routes and compute distance for each trip
  • Fuel Estimation for trips
  • Utilized and un-utilized vehicles for trips
  • Vehicle/Driver scheduler console
  • Trip scheduler console

Purchase Management (OPT)

Purchase Order (PO) for Parts / Fuel / Tyres, Inward of Purchased goods through GRN (Goods Receipt Note) against individual suppliers, Multiple Invoices for each Purchase Order.
  • Manage Receipt of Goods
  • Create/Manage & Track multiple POs
  • Booking multiple Invoices against single PO
  • Approval Process

Parts Management (OPT)

Spare Parts with unique Part Code, Kms Driven by each Part Code having unique Part serial number, Branch level Transfer of Parts, Service and Scrapped Parts history.
  • Parts Shortage Tracking
  • Distance-wise Parts History
  • Month-wise Parts Expenses History
  • Generate/Track POs for parts
  • Parts External Service Management
  • Track Warranty Outage

Fuel Management

Track Fuel Issuing and Loss of Fuel with the help of Fuel Stock Check on daily basis
  • Optimize Fuel costs
  • Fuel Log Sheet
  • Driver-wise fuel efficiency
  • Generate PO against multiple fuel stations

Tyre Management (OPT)

Tyres with unique Tyre ID, Mount & Unmount Tyres against each Vehicle model, Total Kms Driven by each Tyre, Branch level Transfer of Tyres, Scrapped Tyres history.
  • Track Tyre Mount/Unmount History
  • Track Warranty Outage
  • Track Tyreʼs Life

Workshop Management (OPT)

Exits & Entries of each Vehicle, Service Requests (Job Card) for each vehicle, Assignment of Mechanics to Tasks and Labour cost computation against each task, Mount / Unmount Parts from the vehicle, Manage the External Repair of vehicles and parts.
  • Generate Multi-Mechanic Job Card
  • Request & Approval process
  • Material Request & Issue Management
  • Labour Cost Computation

Other Modules

  • Leave Request for Drivers, Approve & Cancels the requests as per the requirements.
  • 50+ Reports & Customized Dashboard
  • Vehicle Insurance & Driver License renewal Alerts
  • Setup Scheduled Service Reminders
  • Unassigned Drivers & Vehicles Alerts
  • Oil Change Alerts
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